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What is (((((((FAITHQUAKE)))))))?

The name “FAITHQUAKE” is the ministry “name” of how, & what God has called this ambassador to function as & to do while here on this Earth.  Moreover, …

(((((((FAITHQUAKE))))))) is the result of what God is doing in the Earth now spiritually, exposing what is true, and what is not, and we see it more and more each & every day. It is in my belief that God is shaking everything up! I also believe that He will continue to shake things up until the reality of His unveiling is conveyed in our humanity. Once we discover HIM, and see those things that He is shaking, we will see the result of that shaking to be that which remains is Him, and everything else is not! It is outside our carnal comprehension to understand this, it must and can only be grasped by and thru His Spirit of which He is! We must understand that God is and has always been “moving”! We want to call them “movements” and yet many of us just as soon as we get into them seek to turn those “movements” into “monuments” because we either get comfortable, or fall into the rut of tradition, and become hard-necked, unteachable, and traditional.

(((((((FAITHQUAKE))))))) then is the recognition of these shakings and has been called to fulfill the direction that God is wanting to do, and that is to shake from us everything that is NOT Him! God shakes the tree so that the bad apples can fall-away, which allows for the good fruit to be harvested. Remember, we are a harvest of God’s death, burial, & resurrection creating the event of salvation to occur for all mankind. God did it, and we reap the harvest, and God gains children living eternally with Him. The only thing that must be done on our side of the equation is to simply believe. There is no secret or special prayer, no action of walking down the aisle, or forcefully being made to make some sort of truth statements that will cause one to inherit the Kingdom of God… ONLY BELIEVING! Everything else is not only unnecessary, but it is very much humanity’s best attempt to fix it themselves, and it is those things that God is ridding us of God is freeing us for the sake of freedom! God sets us FREE, and it is through this very shaking that we are coming to His Reality in these last days, and I mean the very last days.

(((((((FAITHQUAKE))))))) is what God named this ministry & revealed what He has set for this ministry is to be doing. Today, our world is not following any normal patterns, and it refuses to even adhere to any type of “standard life rules”. In fact, if anything, it is getting substantially worse with each passing day. Moreover, God does not live in the safe places where only it’s on your terms or conditions for how we are to serve Him.

God is as much outside of everything as He is inside of everything as well. God can do it all by Himself, but He chooses to work in and thru man to reach a world that refuses Him. The Word declares that He is “ALL AND IN ALL”. The world cannot accept this notion, and in fact will fight tooth and nail against the very idea or notion of it. So, what we see happening in the world today is nothing less than God taking a firm hold of everything that we call His and shake it so much that all that will remain is nothing less than HIS.

During these last days where it seems like everything is upside down, I am under the strong conviction that God is at the very heart of these seemingly chaotic events that we don’t like. Could it be that God is just not going to be ruled by any of us, any of our ceremonies, our religiosities, and especially our selfish motives, ideas, pursuits, or fleshly desires.  This includes our elaborate platforms, creative programs, our exquisite ministries, large bank accounts, expensive homes and cars, or bigger than life names and titles.

Hebrews declares that,

“…His voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, “YET ONCE MORE I WILL SHAKE NOT ONLY THE EARTH, BUT ALSO THE HEAVEN.”  This expression, “Yet once more,” denotes the removing of those things which can be shaken, concerning created things, so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.  Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire.”  Hebrews 12:26-29

The times we live in seem to be what we are going thru with what this passage in Hebrews speaks to us as a “shaking”. We love the traditions of what we do, how we serve, and when we attend, where we go, and not to mention how we want to do them, don’t we? But God says tells otherwise. Sometimes, God will set His foot down, and you can be rest assured that things will tremble. IF they are the things that HE built, then there will be no worry or concern if they will withstand the demand of His weight He bears. However, if they are not, then the outcome will be the removal and falling away of the things that are NOT Him. The revelation of Jesus the Christ evens reveals shakings that must occur, and they will.

We have seen these shakings before many times. Consider when Martin Luther began his quest for Truth, we saw the result of that shaking event, understood by his thesis being hammered into the wood of the door of the “Church as USUAL”. It caused such an upset all the way up the chain of Pharisee-like priests and church leaders in the Catholic-world. It happened at other times, too. We see it during the wars of Jerusalem, then and even now today. We saw it when we read the acts of the apostles, as they journeyed along literally shaking up everything that religion says not to do, build, or say. We can clearly see this when Jesus was upon the cross, and even the very ground shook!

What is a (((((((FAITHQUAKE)))))))?

What if God took away from us, everything He never told us to do, build, or say? What would remain? Only the very things that He did tell us to say, to do, and to build! Everything else would be shook so bad that it could no longer withstand the REAL HARD FACTS! The cold hard truth as the old adage says, that the tearing down of the very things that is tearing down the very body of Christ!