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Foundational Beliefs & Core Doctrines
What Do I Believe?

Most have what they call Doctrinal Statements. Many use what has been passed on down to them generation by generation simply repeating what the other guy said, never really standing on what they believe with Scriptural accuracy, and targeted Bible references. Many times it is just a copy and paste type situation of thoughts and beliefs that maybe even their denomination has written, and so they adopt them, never really testing them, or putting them to the test of themselves? Sometimes, some would just repeat the Apostle’s Creed thinking that it will be enough to satisfy someone investigating them so that and in order to allow them to come preach for an offering or set amount of honorarium? These and other ways of ideas have done nothing more than offer more pigs to the market, setting up another sacred cow, and offering nothing in return like actual and real authenticated beliefs and biblical understandings. However, my intention is quote different.

My ideas and beliefs are mine, and no matter what I believe I must be able to back it up with Scripture, not adopting someone else’s beliefs or understandings, but much rather presenting truths that are real to my existence. Therefore, I am going to share with you where I am coming from, how I got here, and where I expect this to take me. I do not pretend to know everything, because no one knows all truth. However, what I do know may very well be truth, but it is because of where I am on my journey of this earthly existence. I do not pretend to manufacture someone else’s ideas and thoughts, but much rather ignite my own philosophical and ecclesiastical study, engaging in my own recreational and relational reality, and applying it all to my earthly and spiritual resolutions. Basically, I am what I say I am.

Therefore, I want to present the Foundations of Truth to my existence, and give any and all the right to challenge or acknowledge what it is I call my Foundations of Truth. Not everybody can accept what I believe, not do I expect to accept everything everyone else believes, because of this one very real reason… WE ARE ALL NOT AT THE SAME PLACE ON OUR JOURNEY. We are journeying together, and we all have the same goal and starting point. What we do in between is where our individuality comes to fruition. With that said, what I present is where I am on my journey, and specifically to my own. However, I am not without flaw. I am growing in God’s grace step by step just like everyone else who has made Jesus Christ their Lord and accepting His salvation. Some things cannot change, some can, and some can adapt, what we have to learn is how to tell the difference. There are two things that structuralizes our beliefs, and if we can gain these for what they are, we can easily maintain how they are to be applied. They are (1) Constants and (2) Variables. If we don’t confuse them and keep them on their appropriate side of the foundational line, we can grow in the knowledge and grace of He who saves. If not, we will plummet spirally down to a collision that will mangle our foundations to where a tearing down will have to occur to repair the damage that was done, and basically rebuilding from the ground up. Sometimes, this happens and we cannot explain it, but these are the things that GOD is in complete control over, and not we ourselves. The next pages are designed with these major rules involved. If there is a question concerning what you have read, I have a blog ready willing and available for you to respond, or you can simply contact me via the contact page. That in mind let’s begin building foundations together.


Knowing The Truth’s That Never Change

Constants: What are they?
A constant is something that cannot nor will not change, either of its own ability, or of anything else’s functionality. Whatever happens, it just will not change, and will always stay the same no matter what. Constants are immovable. What they are today is what they will be tomorrow, and any day no matter when. An example of a constant would certainly be Jesus. Jesus is the only constant Truth that salvation comes. Another example of a constant would be heaven. Heaven is the abode of God. If we change constants into variables then we have instantly created a false teaching. The good news is when false teaching is presented, it can be instantly debunked by simply presenting the truth. When the truth and the false stands accused, it is always the truth (the constant) that can stand firm and upright, then righteousness prevails. Truth is always balanced with constants. If there is anything that we can count on, it would have to be the Truth of God, that sets man’s soul free. As these what I call my Foundations of Truths are presented, I want to stress that these are the guidelines to which my beliefs and doctrinal stances are based upon.

Things that can or will or must change

Variables, What are they?

Variables are those things that never stay the same. They may for a season, time, place, event, or response. But the only real constant thing about them is that they never stay the same. Examples of a variable in Christianity would be Mary the mother of Jesus. Now you might be saying how can she be a variable? The Scripture says when the angel came a calling on Mary the angel said, “Blessed Mary AMONG WOMEN…” The fact that the angel recognized the group of women and Mary being a part of the group is astounding. Mary is a variable among the constants. Allow me to give another variable If you can recall the time when the donkey talked? The animal was the tool, but the voice was the variable. God could had used any number of people or things to convey His message.

When we speak of variables in our belief systems or our doctrinal stances these are beliefs that are truths that can be applied to diverse situations and people depending on the need that God is seeking to influence, build, or initiate. We cannot substitute a constant in place of a variable, for when we do we create a heresy. We must never do this, and that is why we must pay close attention to what category we are placing the Truth we are focusing on. For example, if we take a variable such as Mary the mother of Jesus and make her a constant, then we have created a false god, and we begin worshipping her as a constant instead of the variable that she was. Remember, she was simply blessed AMOING women, she wasn’t the blessing. We cannot place a variable in the stead of a constant and expect a real foundation to be built upon. Because when you establish a variable as a constant you have just made an error that now has eternal consequences. So you see the importance, don’t you? Now we can present what I call my Foundations of Truth’s.