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In this Understanding Series, we are focusing our attention on the Book of Galatians. A most stunning book, and although we will dive into all that is related to the book, our study will draw us to grasping more closely to a more richer and deeper allowance of the Holy Spirit to engage our minds, pin our hearts, and grow our spirits greater and with more understanding each and every step of the way. The study is one that should be a foundational escrow for us to always build and lean upon as we journey this road of salvation. So prepare to be challenged and to reveal fruit for what we are about to discover. Once enlightened, you will want to share, so feel free to do so because it is going to take iron to sharpen other pieces of iron, and everyone of us needs sharpening each and every day.

Although never really challenged, the Book of Galatians has always been attributed to the authorship of Paul. If ever this book were to given another name that would best describe it then that would have to be The Book of Grace. In fact, with all of the Pauline antiquities and writings, the Book of Galatians would have to be the par used that would allow us to challenge every other writings in order to vet and verify to his or not. Moreover, this Book in particular gives us the means necessary for us to use to help us identify all his other writings and letters. Therefore, the Book is without question attributed to Paul as being the author.

Therefore, this understanding series is devoted to the Book of Galatians, and to its author and era of Paul, a time and writings that we have come to know as the Pauline Antiquities and Writings. Just like every other series our focus is to come to grip relatively to all that is connected with the church at Galatia. So open you bibles and your hearts to the reality of Christ found and discovered thru this letter and Book we come to know…Galatians.

Warm Regards and Best Studying

Dr, John Roberts